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Submit Application Form and Fee

Scroll down to find and download the membership application.  Print a copy, fill it out, and submit it to Membership Chairperson Kathy Nilan with a $50 application fee (she has a mailbox at the clubhouse; you can drop it off in person or send it to the club via U.S. mail using the address at the bottom of this page).  One requirement is that you must have completed a basic obedience class somewhere (does not have to be at IRDTC). You also need two current IRDTC members to sign your application form as your sponsors. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by the IRDTC Board, and if everything is in order, you will be notified by the Membership Chairperson of the date of the next Membership Meeting so you can attend and have your "First Reading" (see below).

"First Reading"

Attend one of our monthly membership meetings for a "First Reading" of your application before the membership, which serves as your introduction and basically gives everyone a chance to get to know you. (See "Upcoming Events" on the Home Page for dates and times of upcoming meetings.)

Complete Volunteer Work

Volunteer to help with some club activity before the "Second Reading" of your application.  If there is no club event scheduled at the time, see an officer or board member for options for another type of volunteer opportunity to be completed between your First and Second Readings.  

"Second Reading"

After your volunteer requirement is met, you must attend a second membership meeting where you will be re-introduced (with a "Second Reading" of your application) and be voted on for membership.  

Pay Membership Fee

If you are successfully voted in as a member, you must pay your dues for the current year in order to officially complete the process. If you become a member any time before September 1, you will pay full dues for the year ($40 individual / $55 for couple/family). If you become a member after September 1, only half of the dues amount is due for the current year.  After that, please note that dues are due by January 1, after which there is an additional $5.00 late fee.  If dues are not paid 30 days after the due date, membership is considered lapsed and will be terminated.

Download a Membership Application

If you wish to become a member of IRDTC, please fill out the application below and return it (with your application fee) to the club, to the attention of Membership Chair Kathy Nilan, either by dropping it off in person at the club or by mailing it to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

IRDTC Membership Application (pdf)


For More Information . . .

You may use the e-mail form below to contact Membership Chair Kathy Nilan if you have any further questions about becoming a member.

Indian River Dog Training Club

Indian River Dog Training Club, 1465 Clearmont St. NE, Unit B, Palm Bay, FL 32905 USA

(321) 722-1222

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